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Why Getting In?

Getting In! Applications and Scholarships Consulting offers useful services for both the student overwhelmed with applying for undergraduate or graduate programs as well as the busy professional thinking of going back to school but who doesn’t have time to do the research and the grunt work necessary to get into their dream school. It is also a welcome service for parents trying to help their children with their applications.

The best thing about Getting In! is that its per-hour fees are only about 16% of the fees charged by major educational and tutoring firms who do the same work. That means you save over 80% by choosing Getting In! We have a number of flexible and affordable packages for all of your needs.

The advantages of our services are that you:

• Get expert one-on-one advice on your scholarship and program applications

• Stay ahead of the deadlines with a detailed action plan

• Get the benefit of discreet‚ impartial guidance on personal statements‚ resumes‚ and interviews

• Get help researching potential program or scholarship opportunities

• Keep track of letters of reference and make it easy for your referees to write their letters