We offer undergraduate application and scholarship application support for students applying to schools in Canada and around the world. We can help you through the stressful period of applications and assist you in realizing your academic potential by helping you get into a school that is right for you!

For undergraduate admissions, we prefer working with students before they reach their final year of high school so that we can create a detailed and comprehensive plan to enable them to realize their academic dreams. We provide consulting to students as early as grade 8 to help them create a plan that includes extracurricular activities, sports, jobs and academics to help them maximize their chances of success and their opportunities for scholarships (parents choosing this usually opt for the Platinum Package). While students can benefit best from getting consulting advice from an early stage, our consulting services help students present themselves attractively no matter what stage of the application process they are on.

We will:

  • Give you insight into how to create a unified and compelling presentation to impress admissions committees.
  • Provide successful strategies to make the most of your community service and work history
  • Offer guidance to help you construct powerful and persuasive essays
  • Edit your grammar, content, and style in all written work of the application
  • Critique and edit your resume
  • Provide you with proven strategies to solicit effective letters of recommendation
  • Conduct mock interview sessions
  • Help with financial aid planning to land scholarships, grants, and loans
  • Provide tailored advice to help you compose a compelling waitlist letter, should that be necessary
  • Offer moral support

For more information about our services or to hire Getting In, please contact Amanda at gettinginconsulting@gmail.com.

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